Week’s best and worst Metro-North rants

Metro-North has had its share of delays this week.

The railroad blamed “congestion due to track work” for many of the delays that ranged from 15 to 30 minutes. Sometimes longer.

And then there was the case of the “slippery rail,” a combination of rain and wet, crushed leaves. The MTA has devoted an entire page to this slimy problem here.

Of course, Metro-North riders don’t like these excuses. They have to get to work on time.

The result are Metro-North Twitter Rants.

Rants, not just against the railroad, but things that piss them off, including fellow passengers

Here’s a collection of the best, or worst, MNTRs.

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John Carew @CMYKgod

Dr. Seuss meets @MetroNorthconductor. “The first car is crowded, the second car is packed. If you really want to sit, you must walk back.”

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#catinthehat alt verses!@AvinLavin1868 undrstnd everyone has 2 eat But sushi on train? #metronorth#commuterproblemspic.twitter.com/1OoEzBM8nY

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Desmond Yuen @KickDes

.@MetroNorth, another day, another insufferable delay. What’s the excuse today? Can’t be “wet tracks” ’cause it’s bone dry. Sort it out.

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Jenna Vaccariello @jennavacc

@MetroNorth thanks for telling us you’re running 5-10 min late when you’re already 7 min late. if we were dating I’d kick you to the curb

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Stephanie Ferraiolo @stephania1216

@MetroNorth so your 6:33 conductor believes that because he has to work no one else in the#quietcar can rest. So he yells&wakes ppl. #Rude

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Colin Mac @IrishCMac

Why are the weirdest people always on #MetroNorth?

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Sarcastic Commuter @SrcasticCommutr

24 yr old D-bag this AM, new suit & resume folder, talking loud on cell making haircut & tanning appts got berated by regulars #metronorth

The Boop Blog @TheBoopBlog

#Metronorth #rant whats up w/ AM riders & uncharged devices? Yes I mind wires running over lap and under feet to reach plug. Charge at nite?

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Laura Blagys @laurablagys

It boggles my mind that#metronorth conductors use the loud speaker to communicate with each other. Can we get a walkie talkie?

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Steve @steviegriffy

@MetroNorth why does the driver/conductor not let us know we’re going to be 25 mins late so that we can let our offices know?

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Seth Harrison @SethEHarrison

#Commuters beware: Credit card skimmers that scan credit cards found at #MetroNorth station in#WestchesterCounty.lohud.us/18TvIQB

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Scott @languagestrange

.@MetroNorth It’s reached the point where even I’m sick of me railing against your inconceivably tardy service; just know that I loathe you

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Kåy C?e Röz @oneweirdbitch

Why must my knees be touching the man sitting across from me?#metronorth #mta #nolegroom

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Brad Trangucci @Btrangucci

@MetroNorth what’s up with the 7:20am out of Fairfield Metro today??pic.twitter.com/uWFdcSyKXc

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Steve McNally @sjkmcnally

Humbling that fallen leaves on tracks Can slow tons of steel and tech To a crawl @MetroNorth@steveintransit

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Brad Trangucci @Btrangucci
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Ann @CandidAnn

@MetroNorth Instead of raising ticket prices so often why not get the conductors to collect them consistently.

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JB @anabolicapple

Just want to give a big shout out to .@MetroNorth for hitting a new high score on the service suckometer scale #moredelays

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The Quiet Car @TheQuietCar

Hey! u 2 suburban COWS who’ve been SHOUTING ur vapid conversation since boarding#STFU What happened 2#manners@OverheardonMNR@MetroNorth


It was a good call on this beer for the ride home. Screaming kids on@MetroNorth

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BrandyGomezDuplessis @BGDMakeupArtist

Heading to @MetroNorth train station. First group I have 4 fab ladies to get makeup ready. Next stop L’OREAL Paris for a beauty event

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Sarcastic Commuter @SrcasticCommutr

@mitchellw @MetroNorth@sdpressman wifi? How bout working train, lights, heat, AC?? Wtf. Ohh wait…wifi = train porn and online poker? Hmm

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Alexandra O. Carr @AlexandraOcamp9

Those who ride the #MetroNorthinto #NYC at 8pm are so much more mysterious than those who commute in at 8am. What#shenanigans await?

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Jes Turunen @Winter_Madness2

My train keeps rocking & tilting more than it should be. I really hope it gets to Grand Central in one piece x_x #MetroNorth #windy#NYbound

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AuntieNettie’sAttic @NettiesAttic

When, oh when will my little train be? Oh, when, oh when will the 7:04 really be? Really asking@MetroNorth. It’s getting to be ridiculous.

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MetroNorth_Hell @MetroNorth_hell

Oh boy, This vid shows how it is cold, flu AND dry skin season on@MetroNorth #TooEarlyToDrink?@WheresTheBarCartwitpic.com/dk8wi4

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Bruno Silva @wepost

Saw a bomb sniffing dog at my train station, now train is suspended due to “police activity” and I’m stuck inside it. #concerned #metronorth

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