Heavy traffic on major roadways

Slow moving traffic heading south near Exit 21 on I-95 in Fairfield.

Slow moving traffic heading south near Exit 21 on I-95 in Fairfield.

UPDATED 9:40 a.m.

Regardless of the weather, traffic is a mess this morning.

The trains are no bargain either. Metro North trains on the New Haven line are running 15 minutes behind schedule due to slippery track conditions.

Shoreline East has cancelled one train and replaced another with the regularly scheduled Amtrak service on the same tracks, from New London to New Haven.

I-95 is a mess, though the snow has stopped and some of the congestion has begun to ease as “rush hour” winds down.

But right now there are still delays from downtown Bridgeport through Norwalk and again from Stamford to laddins Rock Rock in Greenwich, headed southbound. The DOT estimates that your average speed through this 25-mile zone will range from 16 (closer to Bridgeport) to an almost brisk 41 mph.

In the New Haven area there are delays reported southbound at the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, and northbound at Long Wharf. It’s also slow near Exit 41, Marsh Hill Road in Orange.

Live cam Exit 32 Stratford

Live cam Exit 28 Bridgeport

Exit 27 Bridgeport

Exit 24 Fairfield

Exit 18 Westport

Exit 15 Norwalk

Exit 13 Darien

Exit 9 Stamford

Exit 6 Greenwich

Exit 2 Greenwich

The Merritt Parkway is similarly clogged between White Plains Road in Trumbull and the Route 7 interchange in Norwalk. Speeds range from 29-41 miles per hour, the DOT says.

It’s also a slow crawl through Norwalk and into New Canaan.

Route 8/25

Heavy southbound delays in the Valley, from Seymour to the Commodore Issac Hull Bridge in Derby; about 7 miles.

Delays in Bridgeport on the southbound side, headed to the I-95 merge.

Jim Shay