Quiet start to holiday week commute

UPDATED 8:50 a.m.

There is an accident now on the Merritt, on the northbound side just beyond the Sikorsky Memorial Bridge. So far, it’s not affecting anything, but the shoulder is blocked.

The Merritt is in otherwise good shape, heading south it gets busy at about Black Rock Turnpike, Exit 44 inFairfield out to the Route 7 ramp in Norwalk. Expect to go no faster that 39 miles per hour, the state DOT says.

There are delays being reported also on I-95 southbound from Saugatuck Avenue in Norwalk out to the Route 7 ramps. ,

Routes 7, 8 and 25 are also busy southbound.

Metro North is not reporting any delays on its New Haven Line service.


Frank Juliano