MNR conductor writes apology to passengers

An incident Friday morning in which an express train leaving New Haven for Grand Central Terminal was cancelled led a conductor to leave a typed letter of apology on the seats of the same train this morning.

Conductor Michael Shaw wrote that “I am as sick of apologizing as you are of hearing of it. (I) wanted you to know how embarrassed and truly sorry myself and my crew are for this unacceptable incident.”

Metro North spokesman Arron Donovan said while the railroad shares Shaw’s concerns “we do not condone his methods of communicating them. Shaw is one of the many Metro North Railroad employees who care deeply about our customers.”

Here is Shaw’s letter:


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Frank Juliano

2 Responses

  1. Frustrated w/Metro North says:

    Love it! At least someone there gets it!

    MNR Executives should not only have to be on the platforms, they should have to ride the trains so they can experience first hand what the people paying their salaries have to go through. My guess is, if they really had to rely on MNR Trains, service would get better (at least on their line).

    I have absolutely no faith in the MNR executives.

  2. Mayor McCheese says:

    Wow. That’s something. A person explaining something very clearly and taking responsibility using his own name and email address. A breath of fresh air. He ought to get a promotion but knowing MNR, they will reprimand him for “speaking outside of normal channels” or some nonsense like that. His bosses ought to learn a lesson from this. There ought to be a MNR executive at the stations from time to time so that they can interact with the riders like the train crews do. They should be required to ride the trains during rush hours at least a few trips per month and wear a badge that clearly identifies them as MNR management so that other riders can approach them and discuss railroad operations.