Commuter advocate says MNRR is “getting better”

James Cameron, the head of the Connecticut Commuter Action Group, admits on his blog that it may be hard to believe “but I think things are getting better on Metro North.”

Cameron, on his “Talking Transportation” blog, goes on to say that  Joseph Giulietti, the new Metro-North president, impressed him as being “very smart, quite candid and equipped with a reasonable plan to bring this railroad back to its once-deserved world-class status.”

The new timetable that becomes effective on May 11 “will mean running trains on-time but still allowing for track and catenary work to keep the railroad in a state of good repair.

“At a Commuter Forum in Westport, Giulietti was the first to admit that the railroad was in bad shape, that trains are running slower and later, often with standees,” the action group leader wrote.
“But unlike GM’s chairman explaining delays in safety recalls and blaming it on “the old GM’, Giulietti is taking ownership of the problems. That’s refreshing.”
You can read all of Cameron’s blog post on Metro North here.
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Frank Juliano