Delays getting longer on Metro-North


Officially at least, all trains are running on time. But Metro North has admitted that there


Scheduled Time Destination Track Status Station Stops
11:18 AM Grand Central 3 On Time
11:46 AM Grand Central 3 On Time
12:00 PM New Haven 4 On Time
12:46 PM Grand Central 3 On Time
1:00 PM New Haven 4 On Time
1:46 PM Grand Central 3 On Time
2:00 PM New Haven 4 On Time
2:28 PM New Haven 4 On Time
2:46 PM Grand Central 3 On Time
3:00 PM New Haven 4 On Time
3:18 PM Grand Central 3 On Time
3:28 PM New Haven 4 On Time

are some problems with its TrainTime app.


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MNR AlwaysLate @MNRisAlwaysLate

Train was 13 mins late. Will they say this wasn’t late though? Probably. Approx. 17 from125th. BS. Sched to take 13. Late = late #metronorth

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George DiGuido @gwdbis3

Thanks for the 2.5 hour commute this morning #metronorth. & thanks to conductor of the 7:25 who couldn’t wait for people changing tracks

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Emily @divineem

I would respect #metronorth more if it just said: “we just don’t care. we have a monopoly and pensions”

Trains are operating with delays of 10-20 minutes in both directions.

Earlier, Metro-North said trains would be running 5 to 10 minutes late.

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Tara Kiernan @TaraKiernan3

2nd day of new #metronorthschedule supposed to cut commuting times…16 min late yesterday and already 8 min late today #mta #nyc

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Pam Landry @Radiopam

20 min late already and only in Stamford. Should get to NYC in time to go back home @MetroNorth#MetroNorth


It’s back with more delays on Metro-North today.

Some delays, including the 7:37 AM from Stamford to Grand Central Terminal, are more than 14 minutes late.

It’s because of that Saturday fire that damaged a a critical piece of equipment that controls switches and signals near Cos Cob.

That means the railroad can only run peak-direction trains to two of the four tracks in the nine-mile stretch between Stamford and Port Chester, N.Y. Normally, the railroad uses three of the tracks.

With one less track this will mean a bottleneck that creates congestion-related delays through that area. Delays of 5 to 10 minutes are expected “until further notice,” MNRR says.

“The fire has also resulted in eliminating the ability of the railroad to operate trains around problems in this area,” the railroad says. “Crews are currently working around the clock to make repairs.”

Any other problems? Yes.

“Metro-North’s Train Time App, website information, and station LCD monitors rely on the signal system to track the status of trains and provide train information. Due to the damage to the control house that affects the signal system between Stamford and Port Chester, there will be inaccurate reporting on the status of trains while going through this section of the New Haven Line. Once trains have cleared the section, their current status will be updated to provide real-time train information.”

To read how Metro-North intends to fix the problem, click here.

Last night, Metro-North has another problem: westbound trains were not stopping at Old Greenwich, Riverside and Cos Cob because of trees blocking the tracks.

The trees have been removed.

Here’s what rail commuters are saying on Twitter this AM:

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Dana Cullen @sonicdjc

Oh and @MetroNorth the 6:50am put of #stratfordstation needs at least one more car this is ridiculous. Thanks!!

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Cynthia Cronk @cynthiacronk

New schedule. Still can’t get here on time #metronorth

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W. Edward Travers Jr @CTAngryCommuter

Good news: 6:28 from Bpt. to GCT is my new favorite. Bad news: I’m pretty sure Nixon was president when this train was built.

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Steve Machnicki @SCMachnicki

New train schedule is horrible. How is making commuting times longer an acceptable answer?

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Vince Marchewka @quarropas

Let’s see what happens today.#MetroNorth moved train up 4 minutes,arrived 6 min late. Great new schedule, really?

UnionGuy @mlittle70

If CT would put money in to replacing 60yr old equip on NH Line, which they own, most of these probs could be avoided!



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