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Southwestern Connecticut traffic updates from the staff at Hearst Connecticut Media Group

Wire damage suspends Metro-North service



Metro-North reporting trains are now on or close to schedule.


Metro-North says wires were damaged when a contractor moving railroad ties pulled down overhead wires.

Fortunately, the contractor was not electrocuted.

UPDATE : 8:41 AM

Yes, trains are moving, but expect delays to linger.

How late? From Stamford station:


To see how late your train is, click here.


New Haven Line Service has resumed in both directions.  Customers should anticipate residual delays of 30 – 60 minutes.


Metro-North: “All Eastbound Service has been restored at this time. We anticipate Westbound service to be restored within the next 15 minutes.  Please continue to listen to announcements at your station.”

A tweet from CT rail commuters:

“HUMAN ERROR: Contractor’s crane brings down power lines at Cos Cob. So much for the “100 Day Plan” for improved safety, reliability…”



From reporter John Nickerson at Stamford station:

Commuters are frustrated in Stamford where the trains haven’t moved west in about 45 minutes.

Conductors just turned around a train headed into Grand Central Station putting hundreds of passengers out on the platform.

Another train sitting next to it, also heading into Grand Central has been sitting full of commuters for a half hour.

A man who would only give his name as Alan, had been sitting on the turned around train for about 15 minutes before he was off loaded.

“It’s a little frustrating when you pay for a monthly ticket and hope to get good service into the city,” said Alan, 55, who works in the construction industry in New York City.

Optometrist Janine Albanese, 28, who had been waiting on the second Grand Central bound train for 30 minutes said, I’m not surprised. This has been a bad year for Metro North.”

Myles Block, 37, said he did not want to jump to any conclusions about the management of the railroad, because he said he wouldn’t have any idea how to run something so big.

“Things like this happen and as commuters we have to roll with the punches,” the financial director said.

Manny H., 68, said “I’m frustrated. What can you do. It’s like this all the time.


Metro-North: “New Haven Line Service has been temporarily suspended between Stamford and Harrison due to catenary wire damage in the vicinity of  Cos Cob. Power Department crews are currently on the scene making repairs. We anticipate service being restored through the area in the next 30 to 60 minutes . Please listen for station announcements or visit for updates.”

Lots of angry Metro-North commuters on Twitter this AM.

Some calling for Metro-North President Joseph  Giulietti’s head.

Read some of the tweets here.


No word from Metro-North on when service will be restored.

This problem comes on nearly the one-year anniversary of the Metro-North derailment in Bridgeport.

And nearly a week after a fire damaged a switching station in the Cos Cob section of Greenwich,

That fire has caused delays all week.


New Haven Line Service has been temporarily suspended between Stamford and Harrison due to catenary wire damage in the vicinity of  Cos Cob.

Power Department crews are currently on the scene making repairs. Customers traveling through this area should anticipate delays of 60 – 90 minutes. Please listen for station announcements or visit for updates.


Train service is temporarily suspended in both directions between Stamford and Rye while maintenance crews work to repair wire damage. Customers should anticipate delays of up to 60 – 90. More information will be provided as it becomes available. Please listen for announcements at your station.

This is a direct result of the Operation Deep Drive investigation;  MNRR is not going to run trains through the work site. In the past, they would have tried to keep one or two tracks open.

To read more, click here.


Bad news from Metro-North this AM.

Damage to catenary wire damage has cancelled eastbound train service from Rye through New Haven.

And worse news for people heading into Grand Central Terminal from Stamford can expect delays up to 60 minutes.

Check back for updates.


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