Rail bridge reopened to traffic

UPDATE:6:50 p.m.The Walk rail bridge over the Norwalk River has been successfully closed, which means it’s reopened to traffic.

The 118-year-old bridge has been stuck in the open position since about 3:30 p.m. effectively paralyzing the Friday evening commute for thousands of passengers.

Metro-North reported that the bridge reopened to traffic at 6:20 p.m. but there were residual delays that would continue to hamper the evening commute.

The Walk movable bridge over the Norwalk River has become stuck … again, and crews do not think it will be fixed in time for the impending evening commute.

The bridge was stuck for a short time Thursday evening as well and threw the morning commute in chaos late last month.

The bridge is 118 years old and the state is seeking federal funds under Superstorm Sandy relief to replace the bridge.

Metro-North said it is working to implement alternate transportation.

Jonathan Lucas