Speeders beware of I-95 bridge in Stratford/Milford

State Police and the state Department of Transportation have had it with drivers speeding over I-95’s Moses Wheeler Bridge between Milford and Stratford.

In fact, the state DOT and state cops have found that nearly ALL DRIVERS are exceeding the 45 MPH speed limit with many traveling above 60 MPH. About 135,000 drivers pass over the bridge each day.

That’s a serious and dangerous problem, they say, because the bridge is under construction and the width of the lanes has been reduced.

Someone – whether it’s construction workers, drivers or passengers- is going to get killed. In fact, one driver already has been killed when a vehicle struck him while changing a tire on the bridge.

State Police have started a crackdown on nabbing speeders across the bridge over the Housatonic River. If you get a ticket FINES ARE DOUBLED.

They’re calling it  “Operation Big Orange” with the concentrated enforcement activity in and around the active work zones of the Moses Wheeler Bridge replacement construction project.

The Department of Transportation has been monitoring traffic speeds in the work zone and has found that virtually ALL DRIVERS are going above the posted speed limit of 45 mph and on average are traveling 10-15 MPH over the established limit.

The speed limit in the area between Exit 35 and Exit 32 has been reduced to 45 mph since 2011 under the authority of the Commissioner of Transportation. A large portion of the I-95 corridor from New York line to Massachusetts has a posted speed of 55 mph with lower speeds of 40 to 50 mph in the area from Stratford to Branford due to various conditions including major construction zones in the area.

“It is imperative that motor vehicle operators obey posted speed limits in work zones.  To do otherwise puts construction workers and law enforcement – as well as all drivers and passengers – at great risk.  Your state troopers ask you to obey all traffic laws to ensure that everyone in a construction work zone is safe,” said State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance.

“Operation Big Orange” is a highway enforcement program that uses primarily State Police to make traffic stops in and around active work zones to help protect roadway workers and to deter irresponsible motorist behavior.  With the amount of road maintenance and long term construction activity taking place statewide,  it is imperative that drivers slow down and Obey the Orange.

In May, a New Jersey man was struck and thrown off the bridge while changing a flat tire. To read that story, click HERE.

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Who was Moses Wheeler?

During the mid-1600s Moses Wheeler, one of Stratford’s earliest settlers, opened the first ferry over the Housatonic River between the towns of Stratford and Milford. In honor of this noteworthy colonist, the Moses Wheeler Bridge was constructed in 1955 to carry I-95 over the Housatonic River, and opened to traffic in 1958.

When will construction of the new bridge be complete?

The entire replacement of this bridge and associated improvements in this section of the I-95 corridor is expected to be complete by 2016, a year ahead of initial projections.

And how much will it end up costing?

About $300 million; that’s a lot of speeding tickets.

To read more about the construction project, click HERE.



Jim Shay