One injury in single car accident near exit 6 SB 95

The driver of a car that crashed just off of Exit 6 of Southbound 95 Tuesday was taken to Stamford Hospital.

At just after 6:30 p.m. Stamford Fire Station 5 responded with State Police to Grenhart Road where a car had driven off the highway.

Fire Lt. Ryan Kerrwin said firefighters found a heavily damaged vehicle resting on the median between the Exit 6 off ramp and Grenhart Road.

“We had to use spreaders and a cutter and a ram to get him out,” Kerrwin said.

The driver was transported to Stamford Hospital and Kerrwin and State Police were unable to provide further information on his condition. There were no passengers in the vehicle.

State Police were still investigating the accident almost two hours after it occurred closing part of Grenhart to traffic.

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Rob Varnon

2 Responses

  1. Rob Varnon says:

    Thanks for catching the earlier mistake.

  2. stargazer says:

    “…a tree went off the road and into a tree”?
    > What? Who the hell gave a tree a license to drive?

    “it’s not clear if there’s only a driver”
    >Huh? I don’t think this sentence is too clear if you ask me.

    “Firefighters needed equipment to extract the occupant or occupants.”
    > Okay, don’t leave us hanging….what kind of equipment did they need? You tease.

    Journalism certainly isn’t what it used to be.