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Viral video: Car cuts off tractor-trailer in Connecticut

We have all seen examples of what happens when trucks and cars collide on the interstates in Connecticut, but an amazing video recorded this month illustrates just how crazy it can get out there. On
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Uber car service comes to Fairfield County

Uber, the San Francisco-based car service that lets you summon a driver from your smartphone has arrived in Fairfield and New Haven counties.After downloading the Uber app users can see nearby drivers

Share your cycling commute stories

Bicycling magazine recently put out a call for 100-word essays about a bicycle ride as part of a contest. Do you commute on a bicycle? Share you stories here and with Bicycling. Here’s what I managed

Kid needs a learner permit? Avoid the lines

Does you kid need a learner permit? The DMV has announced a site to schedule his or her’s written test here:

Car versus pole on West Broad in Stamford

UPDATE: The intersection has been cleared. A telephone pole got the better part of an older model Chevy on West Broad Street and Mill River tying up traffic on Stamford’s West Side. Police, fire and

See what gasoline myths aren’t true

MTA releases late night subway map

For those of you who have tried to navigate New York’s subway system late at night and have been completely confused, it may not be all those shots you did at that bar in the Village. It might just be

Have a great idea for a transportation app? The MTA is looking

The MTA is looking for your best transportation-related mobile apps. Kind of ironic, considering they took legal action to try to stop Chris Schoenfeld of from selling his popular