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Waterfront homes in Darien, Conn. photographed on February 18, 2013, a home on Long Neck Point is marked for demolition.

A closer look at Firwood

This week’s Trending column looks into the trend of tearing down old homes on the waterfront. The story idea sprouted when I drove down Long Neck Point in Darien a few weeks ago. Toward the tip of the peninsula, there is a beautiful mansion called Firwood, which I discovered has been marked for demolition. I […] [Read More]

Vintage postcards of life along the shore in Southwestern Connecticut

This week’s Trending column examines the changes in desires and designs for homeowners along Southwestern Connecticut’s coastlines. Here’s a peek at what life along the shore looked like in years past. Have any old postcards you’d like to add to the mix? Email them to We’d love to include them. [Read More]

Area has 9th lowest rate of adults who smoke in the U.S.

Southwestern Connecticut has one of the lowest rates of smokers in the nation, according to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Exactly 10 percent of adults in the Bridgeport-Stamford Metropolitan Statistical Area – which lines up perfectly with the outline of Fairfield County – reported that they were current smokers in 2010, […] [Read More]

Sorry CBS, Stamford is not America’s richest city

According to CBS, Stamford is the richest city in the nation. But that’s not an accurate analysis of the census data the broadcasting company used to name the No. 1 neighborhood. The Top 10 list published last Friday by CBS names Stamford as the No. 1 richest city in the nation, thanks to a high […] [Read More]

Study: Connecticut in a ‘sad’ state

Things are looking a little gloomy in Connecticut residents’ Twitter feeds. A new study out of the University of Vermont found that Connecticut is the No. 14 saddest state in the nation, according to an analysis of Twitter posts by state residents. While the island state of Hawaii enjoyed top billing as the nation’s happiest […] [Read More]

Where the money lives

Even Weston First Selectman Gayle Weinstein was surprised to hear that her town’s 06883 ZIP code is the wealthiest in Southwestern Connecticut. “I’m a little bit shocked that we came in the highest,” Weinstein said Tuesday. “When I drive around the community, I obviously know we have some wealthy people, but I think it appears […] [Read More]

What’s in a ZIP code?

On Thursday, we’ll run a complete list of each of Southwestern Connecticut’s 53 ZIP codes, ranking them from wealthiest to least wealthy here on the Trending blog and in print in the Hearst Connecticut’s four daily newspapers (Greenwich Time, Stamford Advocate, Danbury News-Times and Connecticut Post). But why wait until then to begin having a […] [Read More]

What would Betty Friedan think of Southwestern Connecticut on 50th anniversary of ‘The Feminine Mystique?’

Today marks 50 years since Betty Friedan’s groundbreaking book The Feminine Mystique was first published. In the half-century since her words were first printed, beginning a rush of consciousness raising surrounding what she called “the problem that has no name” — the unhappiness of women across the nation, a lot of progress has been made. […] [Read More]