Which towns buoyed the Gold Coast in earning designation of home to most super-rich?

A home on Bernhard Drive in Weston. Contributed photo.

The U.S. Census Bureau released a first-of-its-kind report this week, which found that the Stamford-Bridgeport-Norwalk metro area has the highest concentration of super-rich households in the nation.

As we report in Wednesday’s newspaper, “the report found that 17.9 percent of households in the area, which covers the exact same territory as Fairfield County, have incomes in the top 5 percent nationally. That means that roughly 18 in 100 homes in Southwestern Connecticut had earnings above $191,469 per year in 2011 dollars over the five-year span between January, 2006 and November, 2011.”

But which towns anchored our area? The answer is simple: It’s the usual suspects.

Since we don’t  have access to as much data as the Census Bureau has at its fingertips, we used the most comparable cutoff we could find to define super-rich for the purpose of this purely unscientific blog post — the percentage of homes in each Fairfield County town earning $200,000 or more.

With that in mind, here’s the top three towns with the highest concentration of 5 percenters:

  • 1 – Weston, with 51.4 percent of households bringing in more than $200K
  • 2- Darien, with 48.96 percent of households bringing in more than $200K
  • 3 – New Canaan, with 48.62 percent of households bringing in more than $200K

Those tiny, tony towns landed in the 99th percentile for the densest centers of wealth in the nation. In fact, each town in Fairfield County exceeded the all-things-equal rule (which dictates that on average, every town would have 5 percent of households in the top 5 percent), with the exception of Bridgeport, where census data shows that only 1.47 percent of households were part of the top 5 percent.

Want to know more? Stay tuned for the second print edition of Trending, which will run on Thursday, Feb. 21, and will detail Southwestern Connecticut’s most and least well-to-do neighborhoods ZIP code by ZIP code. Move over, 90210…

In the mean time, read the full story about the census report here.

Maggie Gordon