Sorry CBS, Stamford is not America’s richest city

(via CBS)

According to CBS, Stamford is the richest city in the nation. But that’s not an accurate analysis of the census data the broadcasting company used to name the No. 1 neighborhood.

The Top 10 list published last Friday by CBS names Stamford as the No. 1 richest city in the nation, thanks to a high saturation of wealthy residents: 17.9 percent of residents are among the top 5 percent of earners in the nation, according to the piece. But in actuality, that’s 17.9 percent of residents in the entire Stamford-Bridgeport metro area, something that’s mentioned in the story, but not really made clear.

If the CBS report ranked actual municipalities, Stamford would not have even made the top 10, let alone snag the top spot. Heck, the city doesn’t even crack the top 10 wealthiest in Fairfield County.

The top 5 percent of the nation’s households earn more than $191,469 a year. Here’s a breakdown of how the towns in Fairfield County stack up, when comparing the percentage of households in each that earned $200,000 or more.

Maggie Gordon

6 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Your slides rank Bethel at #22 with 8.55 percent when it should be #20 before Stratford and Danbury.

  2. john baldino says:

    1st or 10th , it matters not, most of us can’t afford to retire here,forget it if you lose your job unless you have a rich uncle (or parents) and even then.. Was a beautiful place to grow up though(Stamford) I consider myself blessed.!!!

  3. stamresident says:

    Exactly, Garrett!

  4. LVTfan says:

    Perhaps it would have been more accurate to describe the area as Greewnich-Darien-New Canaan-Westport and mention parenthetically that it also includes Stamford, Norwalk and Bridgeport and a number of other towns.

    I suspect that many of their readers would recognize that it was Gold Coast towns being referred to.

  5. Garrett says:

    It clearly states “Stamford metro area” (in other words Fairfield County)…I’d have to imagine CBS landed on “Stamford” and not say “Weston” because not many folks outside of Fairfield County would know of Weston, so CBS just used “Stamford” as more of a placeholder than anything else. And how exactly is CBS “not making it clear” in the article – again, it clearly states “metro” area and then goes on to mention 3 large cities (Bridgeport, Stamford and Norwalk) because those are the 3 cities most likely to resonate with people outside of this area. No conspiracy nor story here…but again, here we go with the “Who has what and who lives where” storyline…again I ask, is there anything else to report on?

  6. stamresident says:

    This is a ranking of Cities. Not towns, villages, or other. But cities.

    So there may well be more towns in fairfield county with higher income than stamford, but what about cities?

    Also, in many parts of the country, surrounding TOWNS are included in the CITY calculations. I believe that’s standard practice.