Sorry CBS, Stamford is not America’s richest city

(via CBS)

According to CBS, Stamford is the richest city in the nation. But that’s not an accurate analysis of the census data the broadcasting company used to name the No. 1 neighborhood.

The Top 10 list published last Friday by CBS names Stamford as the No. 1 richest city in the nation, thanks to a high saturation of wealthy residents: 17.9 percent of residents are among the top 5 percent of earners in the nation, according to the piece. But in actuality, that’s 17.9 percent of residents in the entire Stamford-Bridgeport metro area, something that’s mentioned in the story, but not really made clear.

If the CBS report ranked actual municipalities, Stamford would not have even made the top 10, let alone snag the top spot. Heck, the city doesn’t even crack the top 10 wealthiest in Fairfield County.

The top 5 percent of the nation’s households earn more than $191,469 a year. Here’s a breakdown of how the towns in Fairfield County stack up, when comparing the percentage of households in each that earned $200,000 or more.

Maggie Gordon