In Connecticut, we find love at Stop & Shop

An infographic created by Psychology Today

Nothing screams romance quite like the frozen foods section, am I right? A new map, published in the February edition of Psychology today broke down the hot spots for love state by state. In Connecticut, we spot our “missed connections” at Stop & Shop more frequently than any other spot, according to their research.

The map shows the most common places for “Missed Connections” – a post on Craigslist, in which the poster tries to track down a person they met somewhere and want to get in touch with – in each state. And it seems we’re not the only grocery-store love state in the union. Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Wyoming, Nebraska, Maine, New Hampshire and Alaska also have a penchant for the produce aisle.

As the map has made its rounds on the Internet, Psychology Today says it has received a wide variety of feedback, including:

Oklahomans crushing on Oklahomans at the state fair? Adorable!

WalMart, a leading love incubator in 15 states? How sad!

Indianans missing connections at home? Hm…

New Yorkers, Atlantans and Northwesterners commiserated about nearly meeting someone in transit.

Californians patted themselves on the backs for working out all the time.

What do you think, Connecticut?

Maggie Gordon