Fairfield County’s love of stone walls 10 times greater than U.S.

Folks in Fairfield County sure do love our stone walls.

A recent report put together by real estate website Trulia found that property listings in Fairfield County mention “stone walls” 10 times as frequently as the national average.

We’re not the only area with a high desire for otherwise normal amenities. San Francisco listings mention Whole Foods 10 times more than national listings on average, because the proximity to the grocery store are incredibly important to house hunters in the city, according to Trulia. Check out some of the other “hyperlocal” desires found around the country.

Screenshot taken from Trulia Report at http://trends.truliablog.com/2013/02/real-estate-lab-listing-words/

In addition to our love for stone walls, the Trulia report also said that many listings in our area “mention a ‘level yard’ or ‘level lot’ – which is a draw because much of the land in that area is rocky rather than level.”

Maggie Gordon