Trending: Where Our Neighbors Are From

Fairfield County has grown more quickly than any other corner of Connecticut in the few years since the 2010 decennial census was issued, a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows. But it’s not due to births; rather the in-migration of new residents has sped up the growth of the area, even as 3,229 residents have moved out.

In Thursday’s print edition of Trending, (How our population is shifting), we examine the new residents coming to our area from Latin America. But that’s not the only influx this area has seen. Thousands of people move into Fairfield County from other parts of the country each year. In fact, about 50 people move in from these 15 counties each day.

Check out the Top 15 counties people move from to make their home in Fairfield County. And stay tuned for another list on Friday, showing which counties people move to when they leave our neck of the woods.

Maggie Gordon

6 Responses

  1. NonsenseDefense says:

    Mbrocambro & Pearl – We’re glad you left! And Marie & Juanita – Sounds like you still live here but can’t wait to join Pearl and Mbrocambro, so hurry up and leave. We don’t want you hangers-on if you can’t appreciate what we have here. There are reasons this area is near the highest ranked places to live each time the survey appears, and contrary to what your Dem leaders are lying to you about, there’s nothing wrong with making more money than the masses. If you study the other Trends, you’ll see there’s no greater philanthropists, and no greater source of productivity in this country, than of residents in this region. If you want to be lazy and spoon fed everything by your government, and settle for mediocity in yourself and your country, I’m glad you found quieter, slower, and less important lives to live. Good luck, and don’t bother coming back to visit anymore if you hate it so much! Maybe your families and friends from here will come visit you instead….yeah right.

  2. Juanita says:

    I bet the moving out percentage is way hight for moving out than coming in. Peopl only come here to make money, get what they need and then move out.

  3. Marie says:

    This is not a State I want to live the rest of my life in that’s for sure! I can’t see that so many people would REALLY come to live here! Its way over priced even compared to NY. And Fairfield County? No way!

  4. Marie says:

    I can’t see ANYONE wanting to live in Fairfield County, or even Connecticut..its over priced and there’s nothing even here!

  5. Pearl says:

    Frankly, our family could not wait to leave Fairfield County… We found it very expensive compared to the West Coast and the municipality we lived in had high property taxes and debt… Glad to be back to the beaches and away from the ice in winter and ticks in summer…

  6. Mbrocambro says:

    Interesting that no one from other more enjoyable part of the country such as the Midwest have moved to that area , I am so glad that I moved out of that inferno, and every time I go back visit.I wander how I spent so many years there in such a greedy, confined, third world like, over priced and not very clean environment…