Trending: Where Our Neighbors Are From

Fairfield County has grown more quickly than any other corner of Connecticut in the few years since the 2010 decennial census was issued, a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows. But it’s not due to births; rather the in-migration of new residents has sped up the growth of the area, even as 3,229 residents have moved out.

In Thursday’s print edition of Trending, (How our population is shifting), we examine the new residents coming to our area from Latin America. But that’s not the only influx this area has seen. Thousands of people move into Fairfield County from other parts of the country each year. In fact, about 50 people move in from these 15 counties each day.

Check out the Top 15 counties people move from to make their home in Fairfield County. And stay tuned for another list on Friday, showing which counties people move to when they leave our neck of the woods.

Maggie Gordon