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There are roughly 5 million more women than men in the United States, a statistic that likely won’t shock the single ladies of the world who’ve been lamenting the fact for generations. In total, there are an average of 96.7 men to every 100 women in America, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Here in Southwestern Connecticut, the average ratio for the 31 towns in our coverage area is 94.7 men per 100 women. Of course, that fluctuates from town to town. Check out where the men live:

Southwestern Connecticut’s statistics fall pretty well in line with the Connecticut state average of 94.8 men per 100 women, which makes Connecticut the state with the No. 10 lowest ratio. Wondering where men are king? Alaska has more men per women than any other state in the nation with 107.8 men per 100 women. In Washington, D.C., it’s just about the opposite, with 89.6 men per 100 women, bringing it in at the lowest rank on the list, according to our analysis.

Maggie Gordon

6 Responses

  1. You’re right Eileen. Thanks for catching my typo.

  2. Ajjax says:

    So, in effect, if a man wants to pick up a woman he should go to….Sherman?

  3. Eileen Finegan says:

    No. 15 is supposed to be Milford.

  4. Eileen Finegan says:

    Wilton is No. 12 (93.2 men per 100 women) and No. 15 (94.4 men per 100 women). How does Wilton appear on the list twice and with different numbers for the male-to-female ratio?

  5. Barry says:

    Does Maggie Gordon spend all day “researching” or better yet, surfing nuggets of census-like information and decide “yeah, I think this week people will want to know where the men live?” This was our education reporter who made inroads in reporting on our schools only to be put on this? I want my education stories back please.

  6. Garrett says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find “Trending” totally useless? Seriously I have no idea what the point is of all these statistical abstract articles…who lives where, how old we are, how much people make, etc… . Each week I hope to read something interesting but so far this experiment has been a complete waste…how can any editor think this will sell papers?