Connecticut works longer to pay off taxes than any other state

Taxes are due on Monday, which may seem a little early in Connecticut, where the average taxpayer has yet to work enough days or hours to pay off his or her tax bill for the year.

According to the folks at The Tax Foundation, Connecticut residents must work until May 13 this year in order to earn enough money to pay their total tax bill. That day, which the Foundation dubbed “Tax Freedom Day” is later than any other state in the country by an entire week.

The national Tax Freedom Day is on April 18 this year, meaning that the nation on a whole will have earned enough money to pay it total tax bill for this year 25 days before residents in the state of Connecticut are through. Here’s how the Foundation explains why April 18 is the magic day for American taxpayers this year:

In 2013, Americans will pay $2.76 trillion in federal taxes and $1.45 trillion in state taxes, for a total tax bill of $4.22 trillion, or 29.4 percent of income. April 18 is 29.4 percent, or 108 days, into the year.

In Connecticut, May 13 comes 35.4 percent into the year, which is roughly the percentage of income each worker in the Nutmeg State will have to send off for taxes this year.

Want to know who has the earliest Tax Freedom Day in the nation so you can pack your bags? That would be Louisiana and Mississippi, where residents need to work through March 29 to pay their total bill. That’s 45 before we gain our Freedom here in Connecticut.

Maggie Gordon

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  1. Bocon says:

    Concernedcit, Is poverty a noun or a verb in your mind set? What you are saying is poverty in Ct is better than it is in other states? I would love to hear how you come to that conclusion? Plus how does that equate with paying taxes? So you mean that all the people in other states are under educated, compared to us in Ct, because we in Ct pay more taxes than they do? By the way, did you know that the only two presidents of this country who have any direct link to Ct are the Bush’s. Sort of a punch in the face to a bigoted idiot isn’t it!

  2. Bocon says:

    I don’t see anywhere in this article that the author mentions any party and/or any ones name. When someone interjects defense of a person or party they must realize what is being said is in fact true. All the author has done is quote from a legitimate source. Simple as that. Does it matter who enacted the tax? No. All that matters is we pay a lot of taxes and really don’t get much in return. Simple as that.

  3. Donald says:

    In August 1991, Connecticut legislators and Governor Lowell P. Weicker responded to a short-term budget crisis by enacting the state’s first broad-based income tax

  4. James says:

    Yet another example of “Trending” do it’s best to divide and create division. I’m no longer surprised at this reporter’s agenda but am alarmed at the lack of fact checking that we continually see in her columns. I’m sure with hopes of aspiring to work for the Times or Huff Post or similar, the reporter finds it necessary to have an agenda…but lest we forget all is not lost, she did let Peter Lanza know his son Adam was a mass murder, so all is not lost.

  5. ConcernedCit says:

    I’m going to point out of course that Louisiana and Mississippi are two of the nations poorest states with correspondingly high levels of obesity and health problems and correspondingly low education. They produce some of the lowest high school and college graduation rates, which continues the cycle of poverty and disease. But, sure, who wants to live in a state that is one of the healthiest, wealthiest and best educated in the nation and comes along with corresponding levels of opportunity for self-improvement. It is far better to decry the government then to evaluate what an improved standard of living all of Connecticut enjoys in comparison to the poorest states. It may seem arguable to say that all poverty is equal, but I would dare anyone to live the poverty of LA and MS and say it is the same as in CT.

  6. jschmidt says:

    Orally- It was Weicker- a RINO who was really a Dem. Rowland tried to roll it back and Malloy expanded it. Dems are all about taxes.

  7. Ray (CT) says:

    Connecticut has long been one of the most business-UNfriendly states in the union; always near the top of the list of the highest-taxed; always near the top of the list of most expensive in every way, including utilities and gasoline. So we actually voted in Dannel Malloy, whose first order of business was to enact more anti-business measures and raise taxes. He’s proposing new socialistic initiatives every day. Could we possibly have elected anyone who would do a better job of making sure that Connecticut’s population will shrink like NY and Michigan, while the left-behinds pay higher and higher taxes? This is a state of masochists.

  8. stupidctlibs says:

    Why do we pay these idiots in government if their answer to everything is to raise taxes???????? No new ideas, nobody does any work to try to fix things. Who needs them???? A trained monkey could do a better job. They are all corrupt and RICH thanks to the tax payers,they need to be voted out, every liberal in Ct needs to go. You had your chance and look what we got. VOTE ALL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS OUT!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. LVTfan says:

    Always be suspicious when an article refers to “the average taxpayer” — or “average income” or “average wealth,” for that matter. Income and wealth are so skewedly distributed that perhaps 80% of us are below “average.”

    And keep in mind that some of our highest income folks, the hedge fund crowd, are paying income taxes at a much lower rate than most people who actually work for a living and ADD to production rather than skimming it.

    Don’t jump to the conclusions the writers are nudging you toward, without examining more closely.

  11. Otto says:

    Tax payers will now pay 63 million dollars for art department at ECSU. Keep spending what we don’t have.

  12. whatever it is Im against it says:

    The Hearst socialists run a front page story about the welfare queen with four kids that that taxpayer supports.Of course we are being taxed to death to pay for the parasites in the welfare kingdom of Ct.

  13. Orally? says:

    Guess again – go check who was governor when income tax exacted.

  14. Steve (CT) says:

    Wow, this stat actually made it to the Advocate blog. What are the chance it will actually make it to the print version of the paper?

  15. nowaytoday says:

    And you can thank the democrats for this.