Trending: Where the ‘stressed’ live

Feeling stressed? Well, you’re not alone. Across the state of Connecticut, 43 percent of residents said they feel stressed on any given day, according to a poll released by Gallup last week. That places the Nutmeg State in the Top 10 most stressed-out states across the country.

Wonder where stress is likely to be the worst in our area? We sorted through stacks of census data to compare the number of hours workers in each town put in at their jobs every week, in an effort to pinpoint the towns that are likely to have the most-stressed citizens.

On average, Connecticut workers clock a total of 38.2 hours of work every week, according to the census data. But here in Southwestern Connecticut, we spend extra hours behind our desks than our neighbors around the state. We found – among other things – that workers in 22 of the 31 towns in Southwestern Connecticut worked more than the state average. How many hours a week do the people in your town work?

Let us know how this stacks up against your personal experience in the comments section below.


Maggie Gordon