What $1 million will buy you in Southwestern Connecticut

In Newtown, the median value of an owner-occupied home is $463,400, but there’s still a healthy selection of homes closer to the top of our price range, like this contemporary four-bedroom. The house, which is listed at $999,900, sits on 4.85 acres of land, and offers 6,547 square feet of living space.

This home in Newtown is listed just below the $1 million mark. Check out the slideshow below to see what that budget gets you in every town in Southwestern Connecticut.

A couple weeks ago, we looked at what the average New Englander’s home-buying budget of $260,000 would get for house hunters in our neck of the woods. In case you forgot, there wasn’t really much to offer in most towns. So last week, we upped the budget to a half-million dollars and saw a lot more variety around the area, including some real gems.

But in some of the towns, there was still a limited real estate pool to pick from (Location, Location, Location…). So here we go again, upping the budget once more to take a look at million-dollar listings across the 31 towns in Southwestern Connecticut. In some towns, we couldn’t even find homes to max out our budget, while others only scraped the tip of the iceberg for some of the high-price housing stock.

Check out what we were able to find in every town in our area.

Maggie Gordon