Trending: Where the Horses Live


Happy Derby Day!

Every year at this time, the nation watches as America’s elite race horses and jockeys gather at Churchill Downs in Kentucky for the annual running of the Kentucky Derby. But you don’t have to live in Kentucky to be a horse enthusiast — there are hundreds of horse farms right here in Connecticut.

We checked out the USDA’s most recent Census, which counted up the number of farms with horses and ponies in every ZIP code across Connecticut to see where the horses play. Truth be told, there aren’t all that many towns in Southwestern Connecticut with horse farms in the count (the heaviest populated horse town is Lebanon, Conn., upstate, where there are a total of 35 horse farms in the 06249 ZIP code), but we did find 14 ZIPs in our area with horse farms on the count. Check out the slideshow to see where you’re most likely to run into horseplay in Southwestern Connecticut.

Maggie Gordon