Trending: Where the Single Dads Live


Fathers across the nation have stepped up the amount of time they dedicate to raising their children, when compared to dads from previous generations — a trend you can read all about in Sunday’s newspaper. But while the typical dad has tripled the number of hours he spends caring for his children every week since 1965, there’s still one group of dads that tends to surpass all the others in the amount of time they devote to their young ones: Single dads.

Across Southwestern Connecticut, there are thousands of homes where a single father is the only caregiver for children under the age of 18. Check out how common it is in your town here:

Maggie Gordon

7 Responses

  1. Somebody's Daughter says:

    What this tells me is that, if I were a single woman, and was okay with being a step-mom, these are the towns where I should look!

  2. Face FUll of Acne Holes says:

    Hey Linda bet you can find most of those Moms at local meat markets

  3. Wow !!! Who would of thought….Much respect for the men that have taken on that responsibility by themselves and I too ask…Where are the mothers????

  4. Neil D. Chase says:

    I wonder if single Dads were not more common in bygone centuries, when childbirth was often lethal.

  5. alan says:

    We have a lot of “wives gone wild” in Milford. In this economy once the wife makes more (nurse, teacher, etc can make 70k) there is a huge risk. In the old days Sikorsky, Avco, SNET were regulated profit companies so could pay a lot as there was no competition. NOw only govt, public teaching, health care pay a lot and almost all women.

  6. Linda says:

    That is astounding! Where are the moms?

  7. Please be aware of how sexist Connecticut Courts are against men getting custody or more visitation. It starts with a protective order to get the father out of the house and away from his children. He will not be able to see his children for months until he capitulates to his ex wifes lawyers demands.Hes lawyer is working in cohoots with her lawyer. AND ALL OF THE OTHER RELATED VIDS.