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Towns’ roots here in Southwestern Connecticut may go back to the days of Old New England, but across the area there are few residents who still claim British ancestry.

In the spirit of the Fourth of July, which celebrates America’s independence from England and the dawn of a new nation with the brave idea of becoming a home to people from all nationalities and walks of life, we spent some time today picking through census data to see where residents’ roots can be traced back to. And it ain’t England.

All together, only eight of the 31 towns and cities in Southwestern Connecticut have at least one percent of residents who claim their primary ancestry to be British on their census documents, with the largest concentration (a not-so-whopping 2.6 percent) residing in Darien. But overall, it seems residents mainly claim Irish and Italian ancestries.

Maggie Gordon

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  1. Manyul Im says:

    I’m sure the intent isn’t to alienate all the rest of us who aren’t of Italian, Irish, or West Indies descent but saying you’re doing this “in the spirit of the Fourth of July” makes me feel like my Asian ancestry makes me an outsider to the nation I claim as home. The demography might be interesting for lots of reasons, but not for marking the spirit of Independence Day. Just a thought.