Trending: How We Spend Our Time


How did you spend your day today? If you slept for eight hours and 27 minutes, worked for seven hours and 42 minutes and spent about 49 minutes and 48 seconds at the grocery store, consider your day par for the course.

According to the 2012 American Time Use Survey, which was released a couple weeks ago, employed Americans spent an average of 7.7 hours working on the days they worked, totaling up to that seven hours and 42 minute figure. Men, on average, worked 55 minutes longer than women, and women distributed that extra time doing a variety of things. For example, on the days they did housework, women spent an average of two hours and 36 minutes on those activities, while men spent a flat two hours. And more women are still doing the work in the domestic sphere, according to the data, which is put together by the Bureau of Labor Statistics; 20 percent of men did housework on an average dat, compared to 48 percent of women.

And that’s not the only gender difference we found. Check out how American men and women spend their time.

Of course, the survey does more than track what kind of work Americans are engaging in. It also examines how we unwind. According to the data, 96 percent of Americans dedicate at least some of their time to leisure and sports on weekdays, and 96.9 percent do so on the weekends. But it’s not all backyard baseball and barbecues. Americans are about four times more likely to watch TV on a weekday than they are to participate in sports or exercise, and the same goes for the weekend. Monday to Friday, 79.3 percent of Americans watch at least some TV while 20 percent participate in sports or exercise; on the weekends, it’s 81.8 percent and 17.7 percent, respectively.

And those who are kicking a ball around or slamming some weights are doing so for a much shorter stretch than those lounging in front of the television set. Television watchers spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes in front of the tube during the week and four hours and 11 minutes on the weekdays. The fitness-focused spend ann average of an hour and a half exercising on weekdays and two hours and seven minutes on weekends.

How do you think Americans typical days compares to what life is like here in Southwestern Connecticut?

Maggie Gordon