Trending: Where Student Debt Is High


Connecticut was just name to another Top 10 list for its college kids — though this one’s not exactly worthy of clicking our heels over.

The consumer resource website NerdWallet pulled together a list of the top 10 states where students leave college with the greatest amount of debt. And good old Connecticut made the cut.

The site explains on its blog that it calculated best and worst states using two factors: average debt per student and the percent of graduates with debt. Nationally, NerdWallet reports that students who graduate from four-year public universities carry about $7,960 in debt across the stage with them at graduation, along with $17,040 for students attending private, non-profit four-year colleges and $31,190 for students at for-profit schools.

In Connecticut, it can get a bit worse than that, as we learned last year. NerdWallet reports that the average debt of graduates here figures out to $28,783.

So where should college searching students focus on? Here’s the top 10 states, according to NerdWallet:



Maggie Gordon