Fairfield County one of America’s ‘most productive’ metros


A new analysis, performed by a team at the Martin Prosperity Institute crunched some numbers this fall to determine which of America’s major metropolitan areas are the “most productive,” and Fairfield County came out near the top.

Here’s how our area stacked up against the top 15 in the country:

The analysis, headed up by Richard Florida defined productivity as “per capita real economic output or GDP,” based on data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and found that the national productivity average came out to $36,154 in 2012. Here in Southwestern Connecticut, the number was much higher, clocking in at $80,158 per capita. In a piece written for The Atlantic Cities, Florida adds some context:

The top ranked metro produced more than $100,000 per person in economic output, three times the average, while the lowest-ranked metro generated just $15,000, less than half of the national average. There were more than 30 metros that generated $50,000 or more in economic output per person, while more than a hundred produced less than $30,000 in economic output per person and eleven generated less than $20,000.

Fairfield County wasn’t the only Connecticut metro area to find its place in the nation’s top 20. Hartford ranked at No. 19, with a per capita economic output of $57,088.

Maggie Gordon