Report: Fairfield County in Top 10 Nationally for Political Influence

A new report released by the Sunlight Foundation earlier this week shows that Fairfield County is among the top 10 counties in the nation for political contributions.

The report states that “some 30 percent of all the money raised in last year’s presidential election came from just 10 of the nation’s more than 3,000 counties, all of them in major metropolitan areas.” And here in Fairfield County, the Sunlight Foundation reports that donors put up a total of $51,970,701 in 2012, placing the area in the 99th percentile when compared to counties around the nation.

The Foundation also put together this nifty looking map, which allows you to examine how the contributions have changed over time in counties across the nation.

Want to know what our contributions look like on a per capita basis? The Foundation plotted that out as well. And in 2012, residents here donated an average of $55.65 per person. That’s quite a bit more than our neighbors in other parts of Connecticut: Litchfield County residents gave an average of $22.86; Hartford County gave $9.19; Middlesex County gave $7.83; New Haven County gave $6.90; New London County gave $5.83; Tolland County gave $3.05; and Windham County gave $1.72.


Maggie Gordon