Bloomberg: Greenwich has highest sushi prices in nation

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A report published by Bloomberg this summer claims that Greenwich, Connecticut has the most expensive “premium sushi” in the entire nation.

So what’s premium sushi? Good question. It’s basically the most expensive rolls on the menu at sushi places across these cities. Bloomberg ranked the nation’s major financial centers on the “difference between the average price of the most and second-most expensive house special rolls,” then subtracted the price of the average basic roll for the entire sample. That average cost of $6.72 paled in comparison to what restaurants charge in Greenwich for these premium rolls.

Even Stamford was far more affordable than its neighbor. According to Bloomberg, the average cost of Stamford’s two most expensive rolls was $14.55, roughly $3 less than the Greenwich price, making Stamford one of the most reasonable options on the 27-city list, coming in as the No. 19 most expensive. Check out the top 10 here.

Maggie Gordon