Trending: Where the ‘challenging’ schools are

Each year, The Washington Post’s Jay Mathews puts together a list of the nation’s most challenging high schools. This year, he combed through data for 1,900 schools. And while there weren’t any schools from the Nutmeg State in the Top 100 list, there were 10 in the top 1,000.

You can read all about his methodology here. And check out the rankings for Connecticut’s 10 most challenging high schools in the slideshow below. The schools are ranked by “index score,” which the Washington Post explains this way: “The index score is the number of college-level tests given at a school in the previous calendar year divided by the number of graduates that year. Also noted are the percentage of students who come from families that qualify for lunch subsidies (Subs. lunch) and the percentage of graduates who passed at least one college-level test during their high school career, called equity and excellence, (E&E). A (P) next to the school’s name denotes a private school.”

Curious to see which other local high schools made the list? Here’s the rundown of the remaining Connecticut schools mentioned in the WaPo ranking:

11.) Hall, in West Hartford, earned an index score of 2.134. National rank: 1,002

12.) East Lyme, in East Lyme, earned an index score of 1.956. National rank: 1,157

13.) New Canaan, in New Canaan, earned an index score of 1.928. National rank: 1,185

14.) Cooperative, in New Haven, earned an index score of 1.799. National rank: 1,288

15.) Amity Regional, in Woodbury, earned an index score of 1.543. National rank: 1,531

16.) Pomperaug, in Southbury, earned an index score of 1.210. National rank: 1,837

Maggie Gordon