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Trending: When We Move In

When Jessica Mihaleas and her boyfriend Tim Krompinger graduated from the University of Connecticut, where they’d met and dated for a couple years, the pair decided to move to Mihaleas’s hometown of

Trending: Where the cheaters live

Cheater, cheater. Wedded Westporters are turning to the web for adulterous affairs at a rate that rivals perpetually philandering Washington, D.C., according to data from a dating website that helps

Trending: How much we spend on weddings

The state of Connecticut is one of the costliest places in the country to say I do, with an average wedding price coming in at $10,000 more than the national average of $28,427, according to a survey

In Connecticut, we find love at Stop & Shop

Nothing screams romance quite like the frozen foods section, am I right? A new map, published in the February edition of Psychology today broke down the hot spots for love state by state. In

How easy is it to find a few good men in Southwestern Connecticut?

Last week, the Atlantic’s website published a story pointing out locations where it can be tough for a well-educated single lady to search for a few good men. Of all places in the country, Sarasota,

Just how much older are local grooms than their brides?

If you grabbed a copy of the Connecticut Post, Danbury News-Times, Stamford Advocate or Greenwich Time Thursday morning, you likely saw a story about the fact that local grooms are the oldest in the