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Waterfront homes in Darien, Conn. photographed on February 18, 2013, a home on Long Neck Point is marked for demolition.

A closer look at Firwood

This week’s Trending column looks into the trend of tearing down old homes on the waterfront. The story idea sprouted when I drove down Long Neck Point in Darien a few weeks ago. Toward the tip of the

Vintage postcards of life along the shore in Southwestern Connecticut

This week’s Trending column examines the changes in desires and designs for homeowners along Southwestern Connecticut’s coastlines. Here’s a peek at what life along the shore looked like in years

Live on the water? Cool. Let’s chat.

I’m working on a story about life on the water in Southwestern Connecticut, and I’m hoping to talk to folks who live by the waterfront (the Sound, or along any other body of water) — especially if