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ARCHER. Airing on the FX network, ( in hiatus till fall of 2011 ) is an American animated Adult  comedy created by Adam Reed. First season premiered in 2010 and just finished up its second hilarious season earlier this year.

Sterling Malory Archer, (voiced by H.Jon Benjamin) works for the I.S.I.S. foundation, (a freelance spy agency)  and is known to be the worlds most dangerous spy. And though he is very good at what he does, his job as a spy is more of a aid to help him live the ‘jet set’ lifestyle of  country hopping, womanizing, fast cars,  and drinking before Noon. Archer also has the biggest ego in the world, along with a endless knowledge of useless stuff pertaining to comics T.V. and movies, allowing him to shoot off one liners which most people will not understand.

Funny, cleaver, and often times naughty, Archer is a show worth checking out. The first season is out on DVD.

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