Breaking Bad!

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Breaking Bad On AMC

Breaking Bad, AMC’s Emmy® Award-winning drama, Airing on the AMC Network on Sundays at 10:00 PM is the “best Drama” on Television Period! And it provide it once again with the Chilling season opener last night. When we last left our two protagonist “drug manufacturers”  Walter and Jesse, they were in a tight spot. Walter white played by Bryan cranston (who won a Emmy® for playing this character) had killed people to protect Jesse. And to protect both of their lives Jesse pinkman Played by Aaron Paul, (who also won a Emmy® for his character) must kill in cold blood, the man that will replace him and Walter as “cookers” in a  methamphetamine lab. Needless to say this will not set well with their ‘employer’ Gustavo fring, played brilliantly by Giancarlo esposito. “Gus” makes his disappointment known loud and clear! Without saying a word he delivers one of the most Hair-raising chilling scenes I have seen in TV history! This man is not to be mess with.

Gustavo Fring hand delivering a message.

For now, he needs Walter to stay on schedule,… for now. Walter knows this, and needs to formulate a plan that will ensure his continued living! Breaking Bad is sharp, well written and well acted.

Bryan cranston as walter white • Aaron paul as jesse pinkman

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