Harry’s Law!

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Harriet “Harry” Korn ( played brilliantly by Kathy Bates

Harry’s Law. Airs on Wednesdays night @ 9:00 pm on NBC. Its a legal comedy-drama created by  David E Kelly. ( LA Law, Picket Fences, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, to name just a few! )

Harriet “Harry” Korn ( played brilliantly by Kathy Bates) Is a ex patent lawyer turned criminal lawyer. She sets up shop in a shoe store in a very bad Neighborhood in Cincinnati. she attracts another Adam Branch and starts to help the down and out members of the Neighborhood who can never afford a lawyer. Together with Jenna Backstrom, Harry’s Assistant; and Malcolm Davies (who falls out of the sky on top of Harry and gets a job with her ) the odd law office embarks down a very strange road to help the people who can not afford to pay them.

When I first got wind of ‘Harry’s Law’, I was not interested in the least,,,The Plot seemed very silly to me. And when I saw the first trailer well I did chuckle a bit, but I did not want to watch. or DVR to check it out later. It was just that NBC shows well…for me were just BAD ( with exceptions to ‘my name is earl’ first season and ‘Chuck’ first 2 seasons ).

Then a co-worker told me I had to give HARRY’S LAW a shot. Long story short I did, and I LOVED IT! Its Funny, Heart felt, and you really feel for the characters.

That was season one, season 2 something happened. They tweaked the show, brought it out of the “Ghetto”, got rid of the shoe store, well sort of..and now all the clients are “high profile” “well to do” or just middle class. No more poor clients. Which is fine I guess, but the old format was working, and the stories were some of the best on TV for a drama/comedy.

Now don’t get me wrong the stories are still very good ( the episode “American Girl” will have you in tears, it was so sad ) and the new supporting cast members are enjoyable, its still a “good show” and well worth what I call “first air viewing status” ( not DVR’n it to watch later). But the new format reminds me of  Ally McBeal & Boston legal way to much.

I think they should have keep the show in “the mean streets” of  Cincinnati,but that’s just me.   : \

Seen the show? let me know what you think!

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