British Invasion! Part 4: SPOOKS

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Spooks© BBC1

SPOOKS. A British Drama show that aired on BBC 1 for the last 9 years has ended its run on 23 October 2011. It lasted for 10 season. Why should you care? BECAUSE IT WAS THE BEST DRAMA ON TV, PERIOD!! If you, like  myself LOVE ‘Spy intrigue’ ‘Intelligent Great Writing’ and Honest to goodness ‘Suspense’ to go along with your explosions and gun play, this is the show for you!

‘SPOOKS’ created by writer David Wolstencroft,  known here in the states and in other country’s as “MI-5” is a very smart drama series  about the Lives and adventures of  MI5 operatives (Military Intelligence, Section 5, their version of our F.B.I.) the decisions they make to protect the citizens of the United kingdom and the consequence of those decisions.

Cast members of Spooks now on DVD ©BBC

For me, what made the show so great was the fact that  no one in the main cast was “safe”. In every season there was a very good chance that if an operatives went on a mission there was a good chance they were not coming back. This was demonstrated many times in the series run. This keep the suspense ‘real’ and very tense! There were times when popular main characters would rush in to defuse a bomb/or save the day and just not make it in time. Another instance I will remember in one plot line were two MI-5 operatives a male and a female were captured by a group of bad guys who ‘sold’ western spies to unfriendly Nations, to be tortured, beaten and raped for information. The female begged her colleague and friend to kill her before their captors separated them, they both knew no one was coming to save them.  So she would  not have to endure what was to come he agreed. If  I was watching the television show lets say… “24” I would know the calvary would come just in time, and so there would be no real suspense,  but it being MI5 I was on the edge of my seat. I will not give the ending away but I will tell you it was not pretty! Gritty writing like that won it many awards and nominations and high praise from Critics and  fans alike.

Peter Firth as Sir Harry Pearce

The team is lead by ‘Sir Harry Pearce KBE’ (KBE = order of chivalry) Head of the Counter-Terrorism Department. (Played brilliantly  by Peter Firth) Calm and confident, he makes the tough decisions that sometimes sends people to ‘harms way’, for god and country, taking  full reasonability for his actions and never apologizing.

Season after Season MI-5 delivered heart wrenching, edge of your seat adventures that kept me begging for more!

Stations like A&E and WLIW channel 21 of Cablevision of Southern Connecticut, have been running the show check you local listings.

Most of the seasons are available on DVD from places like and Best buy and Netflix.

I highly recommend this series if you like the ‘Spy Genre’,  and this one is more based in reality then any other I have seen. This show blurs the line between  Friends/ Allies / Enemies / and Countrymen, but most importantly it gets you to think!

This show will be missed!

Have you seen the show? let me know what you think of it!