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Spartacus On STARZ Fridays at 10:00

Spartacus Vengeance. Grab your sandals, your best fitting loincloth and battles axe. Spartacus is back this Friday at 10:00 pm on Starz! AND. IT. IS.  GLORIOUS!!!

Back after its prequel last year, which was made to accommodate the time off for the  Actor and star of the show Andy Whitfield who announced he has  non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Which he later died from.

Liam McIntyre steps into the role of Spartacus with  Season two. The Story takes places after the events of the Bloody season finale of the first season. Freed,  the gladiators with a hand full of Salves must decided their next step on the road to freedom. But the consequents of killing their Master and many of the city of  Capuas elite, are not far behind!

Spartacus also must make a choice, stay and fight or run and protect the slaves he has set free in the events of the first season. In any event it gets bloody!

Season 2 starts out bloody and quickly reaches a high body count. Like the last 2 seasons this first eps. is full of Blood, guts, violence and sex. Not recommended for anyone under 21!

CAUTION this Trailer has scenes of blood and gore!