Game of Thrones Season II

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GAME OF THRONES Sunday Nights on HBO™

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GAME OF THRONES SEASON II. Sunday nights on HBO! If you are not watching ‘Game of Thrones’ or have not seen the first season, RUN to your nearest best buy, or any other video outlet to caught up, I’ll wait……..NOT! The new season hits the ground running! And viewing the four episodes in, I see no sign of it slowing down!

So far we see Joffrey Beratheon, ‘ahem’..excuse me “KING Joffrey,” settling in quite nicely in the ‘big chair.’ He’s ruling more  like a spoiled little brat with anger and mental  issues, than a person of royalty… must be all that inbreeding! Not even mom, ‘Queen Regent of the Seven Kindoms’ Cersei Baratheon (played greatly by Lena Headey) can seem to reign him in! The boy king showed more of his darker sicker side in the forth installment…..He is officially out of control.

Which brings us to Tyrion Lannister (played by Peter Dinklage. Who by the way is great in anything he plays in ) Tyrion, I believe is the only one who can keep King joffrey in check, or dispose of him with the least… mess if need be.

But Tyrion may just  have his little hands full. Standing in for his father as ‘Hand to the king’ He must keep one step ahead of everyone in court least he share the same fate as the last two “Hands of the King”. He may be short in stature, but he more than makes up for it in intellect. He is quickly building up his power base in Kings landing.

After joining the Order of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow; the bastard son of Ned Stark, has seen some pretty strange things, but nothing as scary as  what he has found so far on the other side of the wall!

Daenerys Targaryen, after the death of her husband, and giving birth to three dragon…well, hatching them really, (and yeah you read right, I wrote dragons) she finds that her power is not yet in her grasp being in a middle of the dessert with little food and water and no shelter. what do you feed baby dragons???

‘King of the North’ title seems to fit young Robb Stark,  son of the slain Ned Stark. After winning battle after battle he continues to march on to kings landing to win the freedom of his sisters, held by the Lannisters. With the captured “King Slayer” Jaime Lannister as his prisoner, he hopes this will persuade the lannisters to agree to his terms of peace. At lest Robb is nice enough to let Jaime play with his pet dog…YIKES!

There are a lot more characters being given bigger roles in the second season, and a few new ones appearing. One that stands out is the Red priestess from Asshai, ‘Melisandre’ she has the ear of  Lord Stannis Baratheon, who claims he  is the only rightful heir to the Throne, after the death of his brother the king Robert Baratheon. Melisandre intends on helping Lord Stannis gain the throne with black magics! The birth of her   …ah “baby” at the end of episode 4 was one of the most unsettling ( and very cool ) thing I seen on cable in a long while!!

Game of Thrones Cast. ©HBO On SUNDAY Nights

The Second season is filmed as beautifully as the first, with many of the locations filmed all over Europe. With the very well design costumes, Brilliant actors and great adaptation, I look forward to every episode!

If you are a fan of medieval stories, or just love a well made,s well written show I highly recommend Game of Thrones!


Because of the violence & mature themes this is not recommended for kids.