The Walking Dead!

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The Cast of the walking dead

The Walking Dead, Airs on AMC Sunday nights at 10:00 pm. WOW! and again WOW! Sundays Nov 4th’s episode; “Killer Within” was a emotional mess! “Its just a T.V. show”… yeah I know, based off the Comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, but it delivers the goods in spades!!

“Movie grade” special effects, well written, and well acted, its no wonder why its received many award nominations and according to the Nielsen ratings; the season 3 premiere was the most-watched basic cable drama telecast in history! Continuing AMC’s Strangle hold on the 10:00 pm Sunday night time slot!

Do yourself a favor rent the DVD’s or start tuning in on a great show. I’ll give you a little insight, In my opinion its not the “grossed out” Zombies that make the show so interesting Its the people…and I think I read somewhere its not the Zombies the show is name after, but the people who are still alive.

The Walking Dead© AMC Sunday Nights at 10:00pm

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