GAME OF THRONES season 3 trailer!

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Game of Throne© HBO FILMS

A Game of Thrones! The Third season will Premiere March 31 Sunday at 9 PM, est. After the events of last season the war between  House Lannister and House Stark is just heating up as a for-told ‘long winter’ approaches. But unknown to ether house a evil force is gathering past the icy wall to the north! The young princes Daenerys Targaryen gathers momentum as she heads home  to take back which was taken from her father, and her’s by birthright, the Iron Throne!

After viewing the trailer, this season promises to be as exciting as the last two!

The first and second season are now available on DVD. HIGHLY recommended if you have not seen the series!

OH, did I not mention DRAGONS????

A fan of the show? Lets hear from you!