SUITS! Season 3

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SUITS! USA NETWORK • There was a time, a long time ago; when the staple  of  TV programing was simple  COPS • PRIVATE DETECTIVES • LAWYERS ; they were the “big draws”, the “ratings grabbers.” Many years later there are thousands of TV genres, and many more channels to choose from, and amongst them COPS • PRIVATE DETECTIVES • LAWYERS genres  are still going strong!

One of the lawyer shows that stands out is called “SUITS” airing on the  USA Network created by Aaron Korsh Going into its third season, Suits stars  Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter. So what’s the big deal? “Suits” is smart, intelligent, funny, and additive! All the by-product of a well written show.

Harvey Specter is a tough smart lawyer, the type of lawyer you want on your side when all is lost, he never backs down and very good at his job. He needs a associate, a graduate from “Harvard University”  to train for the law firm he works for “Pearson Hardman”, they only hire from Harvard. In walks Mike Ross. Mike is everything Harvey is not….Mike is lazy, takes test for people for money so they can get into law school, highly illegal! And Mike never passed the bar. In fact Mike never went to any law school. So what makes Mike so special? He has total remembrance.. Anything he reads see’s is locked in his head forever, and Harvey Specter can use that.

To my surprise Harvey’s and Mike’s “secret” is not the driving force behind the plot line, Nope! There is way to much back stabbing, deception and drama going on to fall on that simple ‘plot device,’ no sir, way too much other carnage from “ladder climbing” “back stabbing” and other office drama! All set to a very nice choice in Jazz music!


Definitely worth watching this summer, and better then the other heavily “over advertised” shows.


Good Stuff!