British Invasion Part 7: BROADCHURCH!

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Broadchurch© BBC America

Broadchurch© BBC America

BROADCHURCH  BBC AMERICA Wednesday Nights • AMC’s “the Killing” ended this pass Sunday. Need something to fill the void? Have I got a show for you!  BroadChurch  created and written by Chris Chibnall

( Writer for Dr. Who and Torchwood ) is a eight episode Murder Mystery done in the same “Feel” as “The Killing”. So if you liked the killing your going to love this “whodunit”

A eleven year old boy is found dead on a beach in a small seaside town on the English coast ‘BroadChurch’. A out of town police officer is brought in, Detective Inspector Alec Hardy ( played by David Tennant, ) takes the lead on the case. To try and find the killer. Teaming with BroadChurch resident ‘Detective Sergeant’ Ellie Miller ( The Office, UK TV series) who; just coming back from vacation, learns her promotion was given to  Alec Hardy after it was promised to her, making there partnership shaky at best.


David Tennant & Olivia Colman as D.I.  Alec Hardy & D.S. Ellie Miller

David Tennant & Olivia Colman as D.I. Alec Hardy & D.S. Ellie Miller


Detective Inspector Alec Hardy finds out very quickly that this small town has many secrets, and that some in this tight nit community would like to stay buried. Nothing is what it seems in this very dark crime drama, were everyone has something to hide, even Detective Inspector Alec Hardy!

Writer Chris Chibnall admits he was heavily influenced by the Danish crime drama “Forbrydelsen” (which was remade in the US as “The killing” ) while he created BroadChurch, but the acting in this Acclaimed Crime Drama brings this story to very high levels. David Tennant & Ellie Miller takes you by the hand and guides you through the mirky  waters of the human mind, and show you to what lengths people will go to hide their secrets.




Jodie Auckland Whittaker as Beth Latimer ©BBC America

Jodie Auckland Whittaker as Beth Latimer ©BBC America



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