Breaking Bad ,Ozymandias!

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Bryan Cranston as Walter White, on AMC's Breaking Bad.  ©AMC 2013

Bryan Cranston as Walter White, on AMC’s Breaking Bad. ©AMC 2013


Breaking bad ,Ozymandias• If you didn’t see last Sundays Episode of Breaking Bad…you missed the best viewing of Television in resent history, Period!

My brother consistently tells me that most television programs will never be ‘great’ because most shows are shackled by “conventions,  a standard of presentation or conduct.” Basically, there are things that it will not do.

Breaking bad took those ‘conventions’ and throw them out the window! the past 5 seasons set up perfectly the raw emotion that was felt in the first 15 minutes that kept coming and coming..and just when you thought that it was done and over, the raw nerve was hit again and again. Walter whites ‘Chickens came home to roosts’ my friends and each one weighing a ton, destroying everything he had built. Friendships shattered, trust betrayed, family and relations lay shattered at his feet. Once ‘Gliding Over All’ walter seems to be battered and broken with nothing left.

If Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Anna Gunn  were not on the slide to win an Emmy; Ozymandias episode put the nail in the coffin for them to win!

Two more episodes to go, I am sure each one will deliver awesome TV viewing!