Dexter series finale!

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Dexter© Showtime. Cast Season 8

Dexter© Showtime. Cast Season 8


DEXTER • I had been watching Dexter since it first aired on Showtime in 2004. Based on the novel  ‘Darkly Dreaming Dexter’ by Jeff Lindsay. It ended its eighth season last Sunday night leaving some fans of the show (including myself) very disappointed with the very strange ending.

But instead of trashing the last few moments of this one episode, I would like to remember the great moments this show has given us over years, the twist and turns laughs and smiles Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan had given us.

I for one have grown very fond of the cast and characters of the show, and would like to thank Michael C. Hall, (Dexter) Jennifer Carpenter, (Debra Morgan) David Zayas, (Angel Batista) James Remar, (Harry Morgan)
C.S. Lee, (Vince Masuka)and Lauren Vélez ( María LaGuerta) for some great Television! And will encourage anyone who ask to take a look at the past seasons on DVD. Good Bye ‘Dex’, you will be missed!


Dexter© Showtime  Seasons One Cast.

Dexter© Showtime Seasons One Cast.