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©2013 Cinemax Fridays 10:00

©2013 Cinemax Fridays 10:00



Strike Back  Season Four  • Cinemax’s high-octane, balls to the wall, massive body count, original Series is back in full swing! Based off the book by  Chris Ryan, best-selling author and a ex member of the special forces regiment of the British Army, SAS.  The show focuses on two members of a secret intelligence agency called Section 20, a branch of MI6, (The British version of the CIA)


Philip C. Winchester &  Sullivan Stapleton as Michael Stonebridge and Damien Scott ©Cinemax

Philip C. Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton as Michael Stonebridge and Damien Scott ©Cinemax


Michael Stonebridge, ( played by Philip C. Winchester )  a British sergeant in the counter-terrorism unit, and Damien Scott, ( played by Sullivan Stapleton ) a former U.S. Delta Force operative lead this action packed Military drama.

This is indeed my favorite “Summer show” of the last few years. Delivering on its promise of ‘die hard type action’ every episode, this British-American television serial, produced by Left Bank Pictures is a must see if you were a fan of “24”.


Members of Section 20

Members of Section 20


This season Section 20 gets Intel that the terrorist al-Zuhari incorporates  the help of Colombian cartels to target military bases in Europe.   Not waiting for the ‘bad guys’ to strike first  Stonebridge and Scott; together with Section 20 take the fight to the bad guys, anywhere in the world. Be it the jungles of Columbia, the streets of south Africa or the alleys of Beirut, the team will follow any lead no matter were it takes them to get their target.

Bloody, violent, and some nudity, its not recommended for all ages. Not the best written show on TV, but more than makes up for it with “movie grade stunts ” and still has the best Kick-ass theme song I have heard in a long time!

Its still “no place for a Hero” but a great place for High action entertainment!