SCANDAL Season 3

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The Cast of Scandal ©2014  ABC

The Cast of Scandal ©2014 ABC


I have said it before and I’ll yell it again, You want the best roller coaster ride on TV? SCANDAL  is your ticket!! Loosely based off of the Bush administration’s press aide Judy Smith, Scandal is a thriller about ‘Olivia Carolyn Pope’ played by Kerry Washington, ( Ray, The Last King of Scotland, Fantastic Four,  Django Unchained) Olivia owns “Pope and Associates” a crisis management firm in Washington D.C. If you or a love one are in the media spot light and you have a crisis brewing, Olivia and her “Gladiators” are the ones to call! And did I mention she is sleeping with the president of the United States, with the first lady being aware? no?…my bad…..


 Joe Morton as as Rowan Pope © 2014 ABC

Joe Morton as as Rowan Pope © 2014 ABC


Olivia Pope and her team make a formidable advisory, but they are way out of their league when they went  against ‘Rowan Pope’ Director of a elite  CIA black ops program, B613. well played by Joe Morton ( Eureka, Terminator 2, All My Children, and of course “The Brother from Another Planet”  ). I must say  Joe Morton  “Crushed” it as Rowan Pope, he portrayed a very serious no nonsense man, that I think even the President was afraid of, and had good reason to!

The 3rd season is in its ‘winter hiatus’ mode, returning for the rest of the season on February 27.

I highly recommend you use the shows down time to caught up on any episodes you may have missed!


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