Connecticut ComiCONN!!

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Connecticut Comiconn© August 15-17

Connecticut Comiconn© August 15-17


Connecticut ComiCONN – A Giant-sized Celebration of Comics, Toys, Sci-Fi, and Cosplay Heads to the Webster Bank Arena on August 15-17! 

Planning your weekend early? Make sure you put this on your list!!!

Going into its fifth year after being at the Marriott Hotel at the Holly lane mall in Trumbull  the Mega-Con has exploded into its new home at  the Webster Bank Arena. After seeing the lines of last years Mega event, I think the Connecticut ComiCONN  can use the room that the Arena provides.

Personally, after having gone to San Diego, Atlanta, and NewYork Cons having one in my “backyard” is MEGA-AWESOME!!


This year’s Connecticut ComiCONN will have something for every fan whether they like Star Wars, Marvel or DC Comics, Doctor Who or zombies – you’ll find it all at this year’s three-day spectacular at Webster Bank Arena. From actors from “Star Wars”, “Captain America 2” to “Ghostbusters” and legendary comic book creators, the guest list rivals the big city conventions”  -Mitch Hallock, Connecticut ComiCONN organizer.


Also I think with its location near the Train Station and I-95, its Being near in relationship to New York City, and with the sear wealth of artistic talent in Connecticut alone, the Connecticut ComiCONN will only get bigger!!!


So grab the wife and kids, Husbands and costumes and come on down for a great time.!!


Now….I just have to decide which costume to wear…hmmmm






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