Calhoun Update: Pain Has Intensified

Barring a major turn of events, Jim Calhoun will miss his seventh game of the season when UConn takes on DePaul Wednesday night.

Associate head coach George Blaney said the pain in Calhoun’s lower back seems like it has “intensified” recently.

“He’s still trying to sift through all the information and make a decision,” Blaney said. “As we all know, there are so many answers to back ailments as far as what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. That’s what he’s sifting through right now. Hopefully, he’ll be able to make a decision shortly and hopefully it will be a quick cure.”

Funny quote from Ryan Boatright about Calhoun: “Coach Blaney, KO, all the assistants, they’re all real smart and they’re doing a great job. But coach Calhoun is the backbone. You’ve got to do something right or….you all know how Calhoun is.”