Notes/Quotes from Valentine’s Day: “He’s a great trainer. If I was on my own, I’d still be stuck in my room to this day.”

UConn’s MVP of the past few days?

If you ask Andre Drummond, it’s trainer James Doran, who has helped Drummond recover (kind of) from a sprained ankle suffered in Saturday’s loss to Syracuse.

Drummond was limping noticeably about a half-hour following the game. The next morning (as is the case with all ankle injuries), it got much worse.

Andre Drummond (AP)

“I texted James and was like ‘You might want to come get me because I can’t walk,’” Drummond said. “I was struggling to get out of my bed, he loosened it up for me. He’s a great trainer man, If I was on my own, I’d still be stuck in my room to this day.”

Drummond spent Monday’s practice on the sidelines alongside Ray Allen, who drove down from Boston and gave the Huskies a locker room speech.

“It was vintage Ray Allen; it was a vintage talk,” said UConn associate head coach George Blaney.

“What do you do when you’re having trouble? How do you respond?” Blaney continued.  “And approaches a little bit, too. Sometimes you get mad at each other, whatever it is you need to do to get everybody on the same page. Whenever you lose, you lose a little bit of that…and that’s what you have to get back.”

*Drummond (ankle), Jeremy Lamb (toe) and Roscoe Smith (sore Achilles) all missed Monday’s practice. Lamb and Drummond are both practicing as I write this, which likely means they’ll go tomorrow vs. DePaul. Smith is not participating in practice.

* After losing five of six games, UConn players have taken some heat — not from the media — but from fans. In this new age of Twitter (really, the first time fans can directly interact with players), college and professional athletes have been forced to adjust to a new avenue of criticism. Check the paper later this week for a story on that.

“It’s definitely frustrating,” said UConn forward Tyler Olander. “You’re going out here and you’re playing your hardest. Especially when people say they’re your fans — when everything goes good they say ‘Oh yeah, go UConn,’ but when you’re down, they just want to kick you when you’re down. That’s frustrating.”