UConn becomes first defending champion since ’96 to lose in first round

UConn returned four of five starters from last season’s national championship squad, but lost a pretty damn valuable one in Kemba Walker.

This season ended with a 20-14 record and a disheartening 77-64 defeat to eighth-seeded Iowa State in the first round. Let’s take a look back at how the past 20 NCAA champions have fared the following year:

Year                            Champion                               Next season

2011                            UConn                                      One and done

2010                            Duke                                         Sweet Sixteen

2009                            UNC                                          NIT

2008                            Kansas                                     Sweet Sixteen

2007                            Florida                                     NIT

2006                            Florida                                     National Champions

2005                            North Carolina                     Second round

2004                            UConn                                      Second round

2003                            Syracuse                                 Sweet Sixteen

2002                            Maryland                                Sweet Sixteen

2001                            Duke                                         Sweet Sixteen

2000                            Michigan State                    Final Four

1999                            UConn                                      Second round

1998                            Kentucky                                 Elite Eight

1997                            Arizona                                    Elite Eight

1996                            Kentucky                                 Runner-up

1995                            UCLA                                        One and done

1994                            Arkansas                                  Runner-up

1993                            North Carolina                      Second round

1992                            Duke                                          Second round

1991                            Duke                                        National champions